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common terms used in NASCAR

New article List common terms used in NASCAR. Hello friends, are you a fan of the new NASCAR ? Usually fewer new fans will be overwhelmed or confused when they hear the terms race. The best way to overcome this problem is, you figure out the meaning of the term 2014 nascar race.

here are some common terms used in NASCAR.
BANKING : It has nothing to do with where we save the money we have . In translation , the Indonesian banking means banking . But that's not going to be discussed , banking here refers to the tilt angle of the bend oval raceways. Mean height level banking angle of the slope of the tracks on the outer edge of the lane in which the driver sped

Downforce : The air pressure is pressing on the car when the race takes place. When the car is entering a corner downforce is needed to help better grip of the tires to the track . Meanwhile on the straights, downforce bad because it will cause a drag effect .

DRAFTING : Drafting is when there are two or more cars in a straight line . The first car pull other cars in a single lane in a vacuum . This slows down the first car and every car behind will be drawn together and push the front of the car more quickly and helps save fuel .

DRAG : This is a massive amount of wind resistance when racing cars owned . Drag the small car will drive faster while saving fuel.

Fabricator : No he is not a liar , a fabricator is the person who created the sheet metal for car parts .

FIREWALL : A solid pelar made ​​of a refractory metal that separates the driver from the engine compartment . This section protects the driver in the event of an accident .

FUEL CELL : It's a gas tank for a car . A metal box made ​​of flexible material and a refractory metal foam to prevent fuel spills and / or explode .

GROOVE : slang word for the best way out of a car around on the track section running high groove near the outer wall . Part of the low groove to make the car run closer to the apron on the inside or the bottom of the track .

HANDLING : This is how to handle a car or drive a car while on the track .

INTERVAL : Time or distance between the two cars racing . Can you explain in a car or a second long .

JET DRYER : Hair expressed track when the track is wet. Usually issued when the race committee tried to dry the track after the rain so the race could be smoothly again .

Lapped CARS : Cars slow that missed at least one full lap or less than the race leader .

LOOSE : Refers to the car oversteer or when the back of the car trying to overtake the front end of the car around the corner . A loose car is very dangerous .

PACE CAR : Synonym word of the safety car, car guide for a slow race car prior to the start ( warm up lap ) or when there is an incident on the track .

PIT ROAD : The area where the tracks serving car pit crew race to refuel or change tires .

POLE POSITION : The place where a car to start the race after qualifying . The faster the car will qualify in qualifying put him in the front row of other cars when the nascar race day comes.

PUSH : Refers to when the front tire does not change sharply in turns . So it feels like the car is being driven straight instead of turning.

QUARTER PANEL : The metal plate on the side of the car is equipped with a barrier of aluminum plate that is placed between the carburetor and the engine intake manifold. This reduces horsepower and speed . Used on a super speedway circuits to slow the car and avoid accidents in high speed.

ROUND : slang word for suspension adjustments to the chassis by inserting the key into the jack bolt attached to the suspension. In this way the suspension can be tightened or loosened cars .

SETUP : The slang term for how the car is set before the race .

SHORT TRACK : Circuit races of less than a mile, Martinsville or Bristol instance .

SPOILER : aluminum strip on the rear deck lid ( or trunk on a regular street car ) this causes the downforce at the rear of the car and also improves traction . In addition to these two things , the spoiler can also cause drag .

STICK : Slang for tire traction.
WEDGE : Refers to the corner to corner with regard to the weight of the car. Adjusting wedge can make the car tight or loose.

STICKER : Slang for new tires.

STOP AND GO : The punishment given to drivers who violate the rules given in the tracks with the flick of a black flag . Drivers who received this punishment will enter the pit and stopping approximately one second before running fight. The punishment is usually given as a speeding driver on pit road as he made a pitstop.

SUPER SPEEDWAY : A race track with a length of more than a mile.

Sway bars : Bars that are used to limit the power of the car spinning on a rotating basis in order to avoid incidents rolling
TIGHT : Equivalent to understeer when the front wheels lose traction before sticking closely behind the rider .

TRI OVAL : The circuit has three corners ( Pocono ) or 5 twists ( ie Daytona ) rather than the usual oval circuit which only has 4 corners only.

Turbulence : The airflow that flows behind the race car .

VICTORY LANE : Synonym of the podium. It is a place where riders celebrated their win after finishing the race in pole position.
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